Yahoo! Answers: How To Get A Level 2 Account In Just 3 Days

Are you frustrated about the limitations of your Yahoo! Answers account? As a level 1 user, there are many limitations. You can only ask 5 questions, answer 20 questions, vote for 25 answers, and comment on 10 answers a day. If you want to go beyond that limit, you must earn 250 points to reach level 2. Here’s exactly how you can do that:

1. Day 1: Join Yahoo! Answers

It is mandatory to register to ask and gceanswers questions. Upon creation of your account, you will receive 100 points. That means you only need 150 points until you reach level 2.

2. Share your knowledge

By sharing your knowledge, you get 2 points. Like I mentioned before, you can only address 20 questions a day. So if you will answer 20 questions a day, you will be able to earn 40 points. This leaves you 110 points to go.

3. Look at other people’s questions and answers

When you have maxed out your limit for addressing questions, you can start to vote. Search for topics you are interested in and vote for the best ones. You can vote a maximum of 25 every day as a level 1 Yahoo! Answers member. You get 1 point for each vote. 85 points left!

4. Give best answers to be chosen as Best Answer

Provide quality answers to all questions. Better yet, only select questions that you can give a great answer to. That way, you have a higher chance of being selected as Best Answer. You get an additional 10 points if are chosen. However, we cannot include this in the computation because this is by chance. If you have many Best Answers, you will reach level 2 faster.

5. Day 2: Login to Yahoo! Answers

This is easy but you won’t get much from it. You gain 1 point daily for simply logging in. 84 points to go!

6. Address some more questions

Again, in Yahoo! Answers, since you can only address 20 questions a day, you have to wait for the next day to earn more points. Answer 20 questions and earn 40 points. Then you only need 44 points.

7. Vote

Like #3, search Yahoo! Answers again for other people’s questions and answers. Vote 25 answers, one for each question. Get 25 points from this step, leaving you to 19 points until level 2.

8. Day 3: Login

Gain 1 point today. 18 points to go!

9. Vote or answer?

It’s up to you. If you are feeling lazy to think today, then just surf Yahoo! Answers, search for 18 answered questions, and vote one for each. However, if you are still up for it, answer 9 questions and gain 18 points.

At the end of third day, you will acquire 250 points, resulting to gaining a level 2 Yahoo! Answers account. Your limitations will twice as much as last time, i.e., ask 10 questions, answer 40 questions, vote for 50 answers, and comment on 20 answers.

Furthermore, you will be able to rate other people’s answers. So if you have many questions in mind, or your cup is just full of information, share them to others and increase your level. You are even able to earn money using Yahoo! Answers.

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