Use Your Social Network to Meet Fundraising Goals

It can be difficult to meet your fundraising goals with cold calling, mass emails and direct mail alone. That is why it is important for you to harness the potential of the people you know personally and professionally first and foremost in order to meet or exceed your fundraising goals.

Anyone who you are semi-regularly in contact with can be considered part of your network. This group of people consists of family, friends, casual acquaintances, co-workers, and anyone with whom you consistently do business. A good example of your network can be seen if you are a member of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The people you are connected to on social networking sites are part of your network, whether they are friends-of-friends or acquaintances you’ve only seem in person a handful of times.

Your network is important for helping you meet your PTO fundraising ideas goals. Because of the personal connection they share with you, they are more likely to offer donations. And when fundraising is done through a network, those people in your immediate group are more likely to pass on the information to their own network. The fundraising becomes more personal, involving people who share connections and common bonds. Talking about your organization to the network or posting about it on social networking sites generates conversation and buzz. Talk about your organization’s achievements, future plans and the exciting things you’ve got coming down the line. Keeping your organization’s message at the forefront of conversations will keep your network interested in your activities and make them more likely to donate to your cause.

You can use the good standing you have with your social network to promote your cause. The people who consider you a friend or acquaintance are much more likely to recommend your organization to others. They can offer support and in doing so, promote your goals. They are your base and your foundation. You can grow this base by keeping in regular contact with them. Through them, you can meet new people to add to your network who are potential donors and supporters of your cause.

Many big business and corporations won’t offer donations or support your organization without a large community backing. Use your social network to gain that community backing. Before you know it, a new acquaintance of yours may be the CEO of that big business, or at least an influential person within the company. By growing your network, you’re becoming better known in the community and are more likely to have the attention of larger businesses.

Of course, using direct mail and cold-calling tactics can be a great strategy, too. But if you utilize the potential that your social network has to spread your organization’s message, you’ll see the total money raised significantly increase. Grow your social network and include them as an integral part in your fundraising strategy.

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