Time to Enhance Your Knowledge of Vocabulary With Mobile Learning Apps

Vocabulary Learning Applets – Use them to your Advantage

Today I wish to give a brief outline of vocabulary learning Apps to enhance kids learning. Those of you who do not like the old school learning approach, but have a flare for the latest tech inventions, will probably fall for those small pieces of software. Maybe you are not a great fan of old-fashioned ways of learning new words by means of writing them down and making long lists of new vocab units that sooner or later would end up in your waste bin. Or on the contrary, you don’t feel to be that tech savvy?

Don’t fear as installing the apps and using them is as easy as 1,2, 3.Well, why not go tech, and think of using those gadgets to your advantage? Your mobile phone is surely part and parcel of your everyday existence, so pack it with the app of your choice and start browsing, revising and learning new language stuff with it. Don’t waste your time as you can learn new words everywhere: in a bus when going to work/school, even when being in a queue, and still have fun.

There are many apps of this kind for learning not only vocabulary, but also grammar, pronunciation, or conversational phrases in different languages (even for Hindi, Urdu, Turkish, Arabic), but today vocabulary applets will be my main focus. Of course, you can choose among the free apps or opt for paid versions with more features available. I tested some of them for you. Unfortunately, some major drawback of free apps is that they do have limited access to the content and other features. That was the case with Learn To Speak Italian; the Apps to build growth and learning contained merely 15 phrases, and the user was obliged to pay for further access.

Free vocabulary learning apps:

CardLearner. Flashcards!

Definitely my favorite one. I started using it to improve my still basic knowledge of Italian, and I do like it. You can create your own dictionaries. You can download a demo version to see if it works for you. (The latest full version costs 5 EUR, although the demo mode works pretty well, and also allows you to create dictionaries).


– Good features for a low price
– More dictionaries can be downloaded from the web site
– The Reader function allows you to read foreign literature to learn languages faster.

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