Playstation 3 Reviews – Is It What Its Cracked Up To Be?

You’re probably here looking for PlayStation 3 reviews because it’s the latest craze. When it first came out, the price you had to pay to get this game console was just too much. Now that things have settled down, you can get one anywhere and for less then what they started out costing. Then again, you’re here to read our PlayStation 3 reviews just to make sure the system is worth buying.

Which is great because we’re here to help you make the best decision possible, so our PlayStation 3 reviews are unbiased. It’s in the best interest for you that we show the good and the bad, especially when spending your hard earned money. So we’ll cover the bad things we’ve found first and work our way up from there.

The cost is usually the first thing people want to know about, but it depends on which model you choose. You can either spend $499 or $599, it all depends on whether or not you want 20GB or 60GB of hard drive. The only other difference between the two systems is the Wi-Fi (one is already installed the other just has the capabilities).

Most PlayStation ps5 game reviews by users only have issues with the cost, noticeable fingerprints on the system sleek frame, and the slow start for games which has been a part of PlayStation for years. Other than that, people enjoy several facets of this gaming console, even explaining it’s a must have for video gamers. Some going as far as saying it out does its Xbox 360 rival.

However, we don’t think too much into statements such as that, simply because many players have been using one type of game console for years. Starting with the original, and to us these are biased reviews because that’s the system they are used to playing. Just like many have said the Xbox 360 is better, and most of the time these things are said because it’s hard to get used to the other buttons.

One thing that is a benefit to the PlayStation 3 is the blue ray disc that gives you the opportunity to play movies and music. In a time where we are switching over to digital television, the blue ray offers a HDTV appeal which will attract more parents to purchase the system. Out of all the other PlayStation 3 reviews we have read personally, not one person has said anything bad about the blue ray feature.

If you really do want to compare something to the Xbox 360 it has to be the online gaming. The PlayStation 3 allows you to play online for free, which the Xbox 360 can cost over a hundred dollars for some packages. It’s a feature that if they were trying to show up the 360 consoles, it definitely worked to perfection.



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