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Are you looking for an antique violin case? If you answered no, you are in no danger of being alone in this. No one shops for antique violin cases. So why would antique violin cases be a topic for an article? The answer is because there are millions of old violins out there and each of them has a case. The violin sells but no one wants the cases so they sit in someone’s attic for decades. Upon discovery, they are assumed to have value. This article will explain why they don’t have any value.

o Old violin cases are very bare bones. They are usually wood that has been covered by a little bit of felt. The latches were pretty bare even when the case was new and they are not replaceable. New violin cases are somewhat boxy. The inside cut to hold the french violin firmly in place in a cocoon of protective foam and felt. There is no way the violin rattles around inside and if the case is dropped accidentally, the new case absorbs the shock and protects your violin which of course is the primary investment here.

o If antique violin cases did have this protection, they were hard covered cases filled with a much heavier shock absorbing material. So for an old case to compete on the protective level with a new case, it loses it on weight. It will be substantially heavier than the new cases offered on line.

o One of the protective functions of a case is to keep the violin wood humidified. In the more expensive violins a humidifier is included. In the cheaper ones you can buy a $5 accessory on line to put in your new case.

o Old violin cases have room for the violin and bow and that is about it. You need another backpack to carry the other things you need when you are going somewhere to play your violin. Modern cases are much more thought out. There is usually a pouch to put your sheet music on the outside and inside there are compartments for your rosin, tuning fork or extra strings.

o The bottom line is always money. An old violin case may cost you $5 to $20. New ones range from $50 to $500. You will obviously buy the cheaper unit for your student violin or your practice violin and pay the big bucks for a nice case for your “special violin”.

We were left over 60 antique violins and each one had an antique violin case. The violins have value but I have never gotten a cent for any of the antique violin cases. So if you find one and think there may be some value in the case, save your time and energy to focus on the valuable things that you have received. Antique violin cases have absolutely no value.

If you are  go new and go on line. You will almost always have to special order a nice case from a violin shop so why not do it yourself. Even for the less expensive cases you will probably find that you will save both time and money by buying online.

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