How to Save Money on Your Printer Inks

The ink that’s inside the cartridge in your printer is called printers ink and it is one of the most expensive liquids in the world. When the little lights blink on your printer and tell you it’s time to change your inkjet cartridge(s) you have several options. You can buy a cartridge made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) – the folks that made your printer – or you could purchase a comparable ink cartridge that is made by a third party.

These days the typical printer manufacturer will often sell my printer at the lowest prices possible. Some even lose money on the sale. There are a number of printers on the market that can now be bought for fifty dollars or less. Why would a company intentionally lose money of the products they sell? Because they know that everyone who buys one of their printers will have to buy replacement printer ink cartridges from them over and over again.

Replacement cartridges for that fifty dollar printer could cost ten to twenty dollars or more each. Nowadays most printers have four or more cartridges in them so if you’ve replaced your cartridges twice you’ve already spent more on printers ink then you have on the printer itself. Over the years third party manufacturers have started selling printer inks cartridges that cost substantially less than the OEM cartridges. You can often save fifty percent or more when you buy a comparable printer ink cartridge instead of an OEM cartridge from one of these vendors.

Where Can You Buy Comparable Printer Inks Cartridges?

A lot of people who go to office supply stores to buy replacement cartridges for their printers often find that the cartridges they need are not in stock. That’s why most people today buy their replacement cartridges on the Internet. If you type in “printer inks” into your search engine you’ll come up with a ton of companies that will ship your cartridges directly to your home. You’ll want to compare the prices as well as the reputations of these companies because prices can vary widely and some companies are much more trustworthy and reliable than others.

Consider it a plus if you see on the website that the company sells to schools or other large organizations. Some of these companies also offer free first class shipping, and tax in their prices. Generally you may want to consider buying from a company that has many years experience in the market. These are the companies that not only offer the cheapest prices, they’re also the ones that can dispatch your order the same day that you place it. When you’re running out of ink and you need a job printed can you afford to wait weeks for your delivery? A little time spent on research can save you a lot of money on your printer inks.


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