Facts About Special Education

Since 1975 special education has been a mandatory requirement for class rosters. These classes are geared towards helping and educating students with learning disabilities and developmental problems. Classes are usually small in size so that each student can have as much one on one time with their instructor as possible.

These classes are either taken alongside regular classes to supplement the student’s education or they are the main class for the student. This all depends on how much extra help is required for the student to understand what is being taught. Special education classes are taught by teachers who are qualified and certified in this area of expertise. This area requires understanding and knowledge of learning techniques and concepts that go beyond regular education. It also requires a certain type of individual. This is one of the cases where a person’s personality will play are large role in the success of their careers, as well as the success of their student’s education.

So what is required of a special education teacher? Board certification with the National Association of Special Education Teachers is a number one benefit. To become board certified with NSAT, a teacher will have to meet all of their undergraduate and postgraduate degree requirements. This includes four years of undergraduate study as well as a Master’s degree in education, teaching license, and training in the field specifically related to their interest-special education. Classes taken after the general education courses will be geared not only toward education in general, but education for the impaired and developmentally delayed. Skills used in activities and suggestions on how to run your classroom are just some of the things required in these courses. Classes in psychology and child development can be of use to the future teacher as well.

A degree is not all that someone interested in special education should carry. Their personality and how they interact with children or adults with learning disabilities is a major factor in how successfully they run their classroom. Patience and nurturing, compassionate nature are really important when handling a group or students with disabilities. These children and adults learn and see things differently. Each one has an individual way that they understand and comprehend certain concepts. Someone specializing in special education needs to be able to see this, understand it, and utilize to the best of their ability. This will ensure the ultimate success of their students and thus themselves. This patient and nurturing attitude will mean less stress for all involved. That is always a good thing to have in any educational situation.

As someone interested in special education you should research the many areas that branch off from this subject. There is a real need for teachers who specialize in these areas and if you feel it is something you would like to do then definitely check it out. Just be sure it suits you. This kind of career requires a passion and dedication that can take up a lot of your time. But in the end the results of such hard work are vastly rewarding.

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