Entrepreneur Opportunities Online – Roommate Finders Can Share the Wealth

No matter where you live people need roommates and for the online entrepreneur a roommate finding service is the perfect business. As housing costs continue to escalate more people than ever are looking for ways to cut their costs and one of the most common ways is to get a roommate. Finding a roommate is not as easy for most people as it seems, there is much to consider. Each of us has their own personality, habits, work schedules and even eating habits. After all it would not work very well if you were a vegan and your new roommate was a meat and potatoes person.

Getting started is not terribly difficult especially if you live in or near a large town or city especially one with a college or university in it. If you take a look in your local newspaper you are bound to find advertisements by people who are either looking for a room or a roommate.

You will need to set up a website so that you have a place for USA people finder to list their needs. On your web site you will need to have an online application form they can fill out. This form should include information beyond the usual name and contact number. Potential applicants should list information such as, type of roommate desired, male or female, any particular eating or religious needs, whether they have pets or will accept them. They need to list where they want the room and the nearest towns that are also acceptable, along with their age and if they smoke.

Other questions to include are, will they share a bedroom or bathroom, a brief description of their cleanliness habits and a place to list any other special needs or habits. There should be a place to upload a picture of each party and if the ad is for someone with a room, a picture or two of the room or apartment.

Once you have your website running, it’s time to advertise your services. Start by placing a large advertisement in all of your local newspapers including the ones in neighboring towns. Print flyers that accurately describe your business and place them all over town especially in Laundromats and colleges on all the bulletin boards.

These are the places you are most likely to find people who are looking for roommates. As for fees, if you offer free registration you will find that you have more people than you can imagine signing up. The way to make money is to charge a percentage of the first month’s rent to the successful applicants; this fee can be paid by either side or in fact split between them. Some of the bigger online services actually charge up to 25% of the first month’s rent for their services.

One thing you do need to do is have both parties sign a disclaimer that says you are not responsible for anything more than connecting the two parties together. This is important to protect you and your business if for some reason things go wrong between the new roommates.

Since the only thing you need is a computer and a website this is an ideal start up business for the online entrepreneur and can become very profitable in a short period of time.

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