DMSO – An Often Overlooked Cancer Tool

Its a puzzle to put your finger on what supplements are actually useful and what could be set aside or skipped when building your personal cancer protocol. And, if you are not paying close attention, you can easily overlook a drug or supplement of real importance because you are viewing it as useful for some other unrelated symptom or injury.

Case in point, DMSO. Most of us are probably familiar with DMSO for its use in pain management in sports related injuries. Or we have read DMSO will serve as a carrier to transport other drugs or supplements across the brain barrier. And, DMSO has a multitude of other uses that main stream medical science has chosen to largely ignore.

I started using DMSO a few years back when I suffered a knee injury running. My topical painting of DMSO on my injured knee allowed me to return to my regular exercise regimen pain free.

I had overlooked any impact these topical applications of pharmaceutical grade high purity heiltropfen could have on my ongoing challenge with cancer.

Only recently, after others using similar cancer protocols to my own were unsuccessful, did I start looking at how my personal regimen was different from the protocols they followed. One of those differences was that topical painting of DMSO on my knees every day.

Investigating further I found information on the Internet to be somewhat lacking, when it came to specific Cancer properties of DMSO by itself. One source I highly recommend is “DMSO Nature’s Healer” by DR. Morton Walker. Written during the 1980s this text, which is written in non-technical terms, should be in every alternative practitioners or patients library. Clearly DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) can have a direct impact on your cancer.

Specifically for cancer the following properties of DMSO are most interesting. DMSO use tends to cause a build-up of white blood cells and more immune production of the migration inhibitory factor (MIF) of macrophages. This ability of DMSO to encourage macrophage production and allow macrophages to move around and through the system and tissues faster can have a direct impact on your cancer..

And, if that is not enough, DMSO neutralizes the Hydroxyl free radical and other free radicals generated by Cancer. The very action that makes DMSO so valuable with sports injuries, arthritis, and degenerative diseases (countering the free radical generation) turns out to be a valuable asset to those of us with Cancer.

The moral of this post. If something is working for you and not others figure out what you are doing differently. It could turn out to be significant. So significant it could mean the difference between success and failure.

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